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Vector laser continuous fiber laser welding machine is suitable for welding most workpieces. It has strong versatility and has been widely used in hardware equipment and other industries.
We can customize laser welding workbenches from 1-axis to 5-axis and 6-axis or 7-axis manipulator according to customers’ welding products.
The continuous fiber laser welding machine equipment launched by Vector Laser integrates excellent configurations in the industry. It has won praise from users for its precise welding process, excellent cost performance and perfect after-sales service. The product quality is comparable to that of imported products.

Skilled Research

Skilled Research

We will know the materials and thickness of your products
Welding Sample

Welding Sample

Confirm the best laser welding machine model for your project
Customize Solution

Customize Solution

Draw a Solution for Confirmation and Start Production
Finish and Shipping

Finish and Shipping

Sending Testing Video for checking with Client and Full Package


1. The laser beam quality is good, the welding speed is fast, and the weld seam is firm and beautiful, bringing efficient welding solutions to users;

2. Controlled by industrial PC, the workpiece can move on a plane track, and can weld any plane graphics composed of points, straight lines, circles, squares or straight lines and arcs;

3. High electro-optical conversion rate and low energy consumption, long-term use can save users a lot of processing costs;

4. The equipment has high reliability and can process continuously and stably for 24 hours to meet the needs of industrial mass production and processing;

5. The ability to customize special planes is strong, and exclusive models can be tailored according to customer needs.

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