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  • Date: Jun 20, 2019
  • Client: Designervily –
    Creative Agency
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  • Address: 2946 Angus Road, NY

Strong business plan

The annual consumption of doors and windows, anti-theft nets, and guardrails is huge, and cutting and welding can be realized with small and medium laser power. But because these products are mostly customized according to the size of the house, and processed by small door & door and window installation shops or decoration companies, they use the most traditional and mainstream cutting and grinding, arc welding, flame welding and so on. There is a lot of room for laser processing to replace traditional processes.


What we did for Door&Windows

The stainless steel materials widely used in the production of doors and windows, anti-theft nets, railings, etc. are mostly steel plates and round iron sheets with a thickness of less than 2mm. Laser technology can realize high-quality cutting, hollowing out and pattern cutting of steel plate and round tin. Now hand-held laser welding is easy to achieve seamless welding of door metal parts & doors and windows, without gaps and prominent solder joints caused by spot welding, making doors and windows excellent in performance and beautiful in appearance.

Skilled Research

Skilled Research

We will know the materials and thickness of your products
Welding Sample

Welding Sample

Confirm the best laser welding machine model for your project
Customize Solution

Customize Solution

Draw a Solution for Confirmation and Start Production


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Final Results

The laser uses its high energy to interact with the material to achieve the processing effect. The easiest application for laser beams is metallic materials, which is the most mature market.
Metal materials include iron plate, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy and so on. Iron plates and carbon steel are mostly used as metal structural parts, such as automobiles, construction machinery parts, pipes, etc., which require relatively large power for cutting and welding. Stainless steel is commonly used in bathrooms, kitchen utensils, knives, etc., and the thickness requirement is not high, and a medium-power laser is enough.
The construction of housing and various infrastructures in various countries has developed rapidly, and a large number of construction materials have been used. Building materials require a lot of processing. What are the applications of laser technology in building materials? At present, the construction of foundations or structures made of special-shaped steel bars and iron bars is mainly processed by hydraulic shears or grinding machines. Lasers are commonly used in pipe, door and window processing.

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