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  • Date: April.23, 2022
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Strong business plan

Laser welding technology has also been widely used in medical services, because the medical industry has strict requirements for high cleanliness in the product manufacturing process, and laser welding technology just meets its requirements. And compared with other common welding processes, laser welding technology hardly produces weld scars and slag, and there is no need to add any adhesives during the welding process, so the entire welding work can be performed in a clean room.


What we did for Medical Industry

The electric welding of medical machinery or medical accessories has very high requirements for cleaning and environmental protection, and with the occurrence of a large number of high-precision medical equipment, the processing requirements for electric welding and welding are getting higher and higher; especially in plastic medical accessories In terms of level, using laser welding machine is a very good choice. Laser welding machine is a non-contact, clean, and dust-generating tight connection technology. It has high reliability laser output, high pulse energy, and high laser marking. High-efficiency, maintenance-free operation, precise operation, small welding, clean environment, it is very in line with the welding requirements for the medical equipment industry.

Skilled Engineer

Skilled Engineer

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Welding Sample

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Customize Solution

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Final Results

With the rapid development of the medical equipment industry, laser welding machine technology also has a huge space for industrial application on the road of promoting medical equipment. It is believed that more high-quality and high-demand medical devices will be designed through careful research and reference application of these advanced laser processing technologies.

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