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  • Date: July 20, 2022
  • Client: Rivers Edge –
    Creative Agency
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  • Address: Mexico

Strong business plan

In recent years, with the cost reduction and efficiency improvement of the industry, the economics of the photovoltaic industry have become increasingly prominent, and the global photovoltaic industry has also grown rapidly. Photovoltaic equipment is also developing rapidly, and the demand boom cycle is expected to be extended. The degree of localization of component equipment is also increasing, and domestic equipment manufacturers are expected to benefit from the expansion of production to release equipment demand: At present, domestic component production equipment can basically be localized, and the production technology of laser cutting equipment is mature.


What we did for PV

Laser technology is one of the most important cutting-edge science and technology at present, and it is also a high-precision processing method, capable of fast and accurate processing and cutting capabilities. This efficient processing method has many applications in the photovoltaic industry, such as solar cells For ablation, cutting, edge beveling, doping, drilling and other processes. With its precise patterned local processing and fast cutting capabilities, laser processing has become an important way to improve the conversion efficiency of the photovoltaic industry.

Skilled Engineer

Skilled Engineer

Research the materials and thickness of your products
Welding Sample

Welding Sample

Confirm the best laser welding machine model for your project
Customize Solution

Customize Solution

Draw a Solution for Confirmation and Start Production


Sending Testing Video for checking with Client and Full Package

Final Results

Laser technology is of great significance to the development of current photovoltaic power generation technology. The application range of laser technology in the photovoltaic industry is becoming wider and wider, which promotes the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry and also enables the further development of the photovoltaic industry. From the current point of view, laser technology may become an indispensable and even irreplaceable important process in the photovoltaic industry. With the gradual development and maturity of China’s photovoltaic industry, it has achieved a leading advantage in the world. Technology development, carbon emission reduction goals and policy orientation will further drive the development of the photovoltaic industry. The demand for cost reduction and efficiency increase in the photovoltaic industry will further drive the demand for photovoltaic laser equipment.

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